Caprivi Mutoya Lodge


Birding in the Caprivi is an absolute treat and undoubtedly a privilege not to be missed. With up to 450 species, birdwatchers and birding enthusiasts from around the world should include this small part of Namibia in their birding destinations.   A sunset boat cruise is an ideal time to spot some of the Caprivi specials; such as the African Fish Eagle in action, African Hobby, and Bat Hawk. Listen and look out for the beautiful Schalow’s Turaco that is often seen around the lodge.  Only 15km from the lodge is the largest Carmine Bee-Eater colony in Southern Africa, which attracts photographers from all around the world during the breeding season (towards the end of August until the beginning of October).   The best time to see this magnificent spectacle is either early morning or late afternoon, which can be done from a vehicle during a floodplain drive or from a hired boat on the river.

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